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Creighton House

25th December, 2005. 9:58 am. holiday meme!(c0ntagion)


here's a holiday meme i thought up today.

1) search google images for the holiday you're celebrating this season and post the first picture.
2) search google images for the name of the first present you recieved this year and post the first picture.
3) search google images for they type of beverage you'll be ingesting on new year's eve and post the first picture.

my holiday memeCollapse )

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20th June, 2003. 4:08 pm.(letchman)

Half of the CU house is now gone :(

Current mood: sad.

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4th June, 2003. 8:22 pm.(letchman)

So it still stands... it just is missing all of the chapel windows now :( It looks naked without them..

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20th May, 2003. 4:25 pm.(letchman)

Ok so just an opinion... I believe that the Creighton house group should now be turned into a place for us to reflect and communicate with each other about our lives that all crossed at that little funky place right off main campus. I say we should keep some sort of group going in memory of Creighton House... Who's with me? (Like more than just a journal guyz and galz)

Current mood: contemplative.

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20th May, 2003. 9:01 am. more creighton house pics(c0ntagion)

angie takes great pics, i don't...heh. anyway, here are some i have collected over the past two years:


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19th May, 2003. 1:41 am. Pictures of the house(philady)

When I was visiting Omaha in March, I took some pictures of the house with my toy camera. If any of you would like to look at them, you can check them out on my website.

The vignetting and blurry corners are part of the charm of the toy camera. I thought these effects complimented the old house well.

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24th November, 2002. 7:25 pm.(letchman)

Unfortunately I am not sure why this is either... just please bear with CU IT as they are working on it... (sort of)

Current mood: frustrated.

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24th November, 2002. 1:49 pm. for those of you who may want to know this....(letchman)


Current mood: frustrated.

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23rd October, 2002. 11:22 pm. Any one out there?(letchman)

So now that I no longer will be attending creighton, I am sure that I will loose touch with everyone there. I hope to god that this does not happen. E-mail me and I will give you my contact information.


Current mood: sad.

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17th September, 2002. 7:57 pm. HEAT!(letchman)

ICK... Its so freaking hot in my room right now... why do they have the A/C off right now?
(Random thought)
I plan on discussing that tonight at our meeting

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